First Aid Course Codes: HLTAID012 vs. HLTAID011

When it comes to First Aid training, understanding the differences between course codes is crucial to ensure you’re enrolling in the right First Aid course. Two common course codes that often lead to confusion are HLTAID012 – Provide First Aid in an Education and Care Setting and HLTAID011 -Provide First Aid. Below we outline the courses to help you choose the most appropriate course for your needs.

HLTAID012 – Provide First Aid in an Education and Care Setting (Includes CPR)

HLTAID012 is a specialised First Aid course designed for individuals working in education and care settings. This course encompasses essential First Aid skills while also catering to the unique needs and responsibilities of those working with children and in educational environments. Whether you’re a teacher, childcare worker, or involved in any educational setting, this course equips you with the knowledge and skills to respond effectively to emergencies that might arise with children.

The HLTAID012 course aligns with the requirements set by regulatory bodies for individuals working in education and addresses scenarios that are more likely to occur in environments where children are present.

HLTAID011 – Provide First Aid (Includes CPR)

HLTAID011 is a comprehensive First Aid course that covers a broad range of scenarios and situations. It’s suitable for individuals across various industries and professions, providing a solid foundation in First Aid skills.

The course includes the following:

  1. CPR for All Ages: Learn CPR techniques for adults, children, and infants.
  2. Basic Emergency Life Support: Handle various emergency scenarios confidently.
  3. Versatile Emergency Management: Be ready for anaphylaxis, asthma, epilepsy, and more.
  4. AED Proficiency: Master defibrillator usage with ease.
  5. Comprehensive Injury Care: Manage head, chest, bleeding, burns, fractures, and dislocations.
  6. Swift Incident Response: Address bites, poisons, choking, eye, and soft tissue injuries.
  7. Effective Wound Care: Perfect bandaging techniques for optimal wound management.

Choosing the Right Course

Selecting the appropriate course depends on your specific professional context and personal goals. If you work in education or care and require specialised knowledge, HLTAID012 – Provide First Aid in a Child Care Setting might be the ideal fit. On the other hand, if you want a broader foundation in First Aid applicable to various scenarios, HLTAID011 – Provide First Aid could be the better option.

It’s crucial to note that both HLTAID012 and HLTAID011 certifications hold an expiration date. These certificates are valid for three years. However, regulatory requirements and workplace policies may influence the frequency of renewal.

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