‘ I enjoyed studying at my own pace using the online material and the practical aspects of the course’. – Gai Brady – MAD Childcare – Asthma and Anaphylaxis  (Beacon Hill) – 23/01/13.

‘ Ian has good communication, is easy to talk to and valued our experiences. Well presented.’ Annie – MAD Childcare (Beacon Hill) – Asthma and Anaphylaxis – 23/01/13.

‘ It was clam, relaxed and welcomed discussion.’ – Melissa – MAD Childcare – Asthma and Anaphylaxis – 22/01/13.

‘ Met our training, timing and needs. Trainer was accomodating to all and this course makes training easier with the online component.’ – Carolyn Leis – Managing Director www.madchildcare.com.au – Asthma and Anaphylaxis – 22/01/13

‘ It wasn’t boring, Ian was friendly,  informative and able to have a laugh which was good.’ – Asthma and Anaphylaxis – 22/01/13.

‘ Ian was concise and clear. We cover a great deal of information in an engaging format.’ – Melanie Hemsworth – Apply First Aid – 09/01/13 – www.manlypersonaltraining.com.au 

‘ The course was thorough and interesting. Good stories to illustrate scenarios. Good participation and encouragement.’ – Christine Walter – Apply First Aid – 09/01/13

‘ The real life stories make the course more interesting and fun.’ Nadine O’mara – Apply First Aid – 09/01/13.

‘ Kept you focussed. It was interesting and applicable to real life scenarios. Good amount of practical and the information was relevant.’ – Natasha Arcuri – Apply First Aid – 09/01/13.

‘Ian was a good communicator.’ – Jerome Lamarque – Perform CPR – 09/01/13 – www.themindsetdude.com 

‘ Practical and encouraged discussion, great sharing of stories and clarification.’ – Hayley Bennett – Apply First Aid – 04/01/13

‘ Training for 4 students in our own home and that the refresher course (no workbook) is available.’ – Steve Banning – Apply First Aid – 04/01/13

‘ We did the Asthma and Anaphylaxis Training through the Warringah Council and Allens Training – Ian and Simple Instruction were highly recommended.’ – Ruth Banning – Apply First Aid – 04/01/13.

‘ Relaxed atmosphere and fun!’ – Jody Coleman – Apply First Aid – 24/11/12

‘ Very practical and well explained. I really enjoyed the course!’ – Kristine Kjaer – Apply First Aid – 24/11/12.

‘ Presented in an interesting, engaging way – not boring.’ – Nicole Shaw – Apply First Aid – 24/11/12.

‘ Not too long. Everything done in a friendly manner. Explaination of course really good. – Kim Millard – Apply First Aid – 24/11/12.

‘ Everything was explained in a clear, concise and friendly manner.’ – Gina Shaw – Collaroy Plateau Community Kindergarten – 24/11/12.

‘ Good pace – not boring.’ – Siobhan Cox – Apply First Aid – 24/11/12

‘ It was easy to talk and have a joke with everyone. No one was condescending because of my young age.’ – Grace Cox – Apply First Aid – 24/11/12.

‘ Practical and used real world examples’. -Rohnan Browne – Apply First Aid – 24/11/12.

‘ I found it really interactive and engaging.’ – Madeleine Hillier – Apply First Aid – 24/11/12.

‘ I liked learning and refreshing my skills in a relaxed atmosphere.’ – Jo Hunt – Apply First Aid – 24/11/12.

‘ I was engaged and interested for the duration of the course, soaking up the information with no chance of nodding off. The time flew by.’ – Tim Macdonald – Apply First Aid – 07/11/12.

‘ Location, time, availability and instructor were all great.’ – Greg Cusworth – Apply First Aid – 07/11/12.

‘ The explanations were clear and the trainer was confident.’ – Alla – Apply First Aid – 20/10/12.

‘ Ian was enthusiastic and very approachable’. Signe – Apply First Aid – 20/10/12.

‘ The course was clearly explained and the instructor was friendly and experienced.’ – Irene – Apply First Aid – 20/10/12.

‘ I enjoyed learning the new standards in procedures and using the new equipment ie) defibrillators.’ – Sue – Apply First Aid – 20/10/12.

‘ Ian clearly enjoys teaching and is well informed on current materials.’ – Tiina – Apply First Aid – 20/10/12.

‘ Convenient,  relaxed but thorough. Open and friendly learning environment. Information was well presented – clear and easy to remember. Well taught :)’ – Marcus Tolley – Perform CPR – 13/10/12.

‘ Practical aspect. It’s not until you do the practical application of the skills that you become aware how important the information we learn from first aid is. The skills we have learnt today are life long skills everyone should have.’ – Sylvia Arotin – Apply First Aid – 13/10/12.

‘ Ian Wood was a great instructor.’ – Katrina Lofthouse – Apply First Aid – 13/10/12.

‘ Ian was a great speaker and kept the course fun and informative.’ – Josh – Apply First Aid – 13/10/12.

‘ All aspects of the course were excellent.’ – Glen Pritchard – Apply First Aid – 13/10/12.

‘ I enjoyed how clear and understanding the trainer was. I liked Ian’s style of teaching.’ – Samantha – Apply First Aid – 13/10/12.

‘ I liked the way Ian combined both the theory and practical experience. It was light hearted yet enjoyable and knowledgable.’ – Trina Ding – Apply First Aid – 15/09/12.

‘ The information was presented well and I feel I have retained the information’. – Dave Matthews – Apply First Aid – 15/09/12

‘ Ian made the day feel as though it went quick through the way content was delievered’. – David Johnson – Apply First Aid – 15/09/12

‘ Ian is a good entertaining bloke’. – James Latham – Apply First Aid – 15/09/12

‘ Ian made the day interesting and easy to follow’. – Apply First Aid – 15/09/12

‘ Easy to understand, easy going atmosphere’. – Apply First Aid – 15/09/12

‘ Really well organised, easy to follow’. – Eliza Poole – Perform CPR – 15/09/12

‘ Ian was very approachable, very relaxed atmosphere and students felt at ease’. – Skyler Fields – Perform CPR – 15/09/12

‘ Availability and on a Saturday so I could attend. Easy location and not too long. – Perform CPR 18/08/12.

‘ In 20 years of First Aid courses you were the best. Funny, humourous and still very informative. Thank you! ‘ – Katherine Moore – Perform CPR – 18/08/12.

‘ Ian made the course interesting and informative’. – Helen Rooke – Apply First Aid – 18/08/12.

‘ Laid back and informative. Excellent presentation.’ – Scott Anderson – Apply First Aid – 18/08/12.

‘ Ian was very professional, informative and made me feel relaxed during the course. Very approachable and friendly – thoroughly enjoyed it! Will be telling everyone to come to this course.’ – Belinda Foy – Apply First Aid – 18/08/12.

‘Well explained, informal and Ian was well preapared and approachable’. – Kath Charlesworth – Apply First Aid – 09/08/12.

‘ Very informative’. – Jules – Apply First Aid – 09/08/12.

‘ Relaxed, informative and friendly. EXCELLENT!’ – Jadranka – Apply First Aid – 09/08/12.

‘ Ian made it enjoyable and used real life scenarios’. – Haley James – Apply First Aid – 09/08/12.

‘ I was very happy with the training, it was very simple and realistic. The scenarios given are real live situations and not just ones you can find in a textbook. All good! A very positive experience’. – Charisse Debuque – Perform CPR – 04/08/12

‘ All was fantastic = Ian is wonderful. Very professional – motivating = really knows his stuff. He was also kind and caring towards my needs.’ – Julie Spink – Perform CPR – 04/08/12.

‘ Great trainer – well explained, covering a whole range of topics.’ – Virakone Sengchang – Apply First Aid – 04/08/12.

‘ Active, fun and personable’. – Alyce Beaumont – Apply First Aid – 04/08/12.

‘ Ian was confident in explaining the content, he had relevant stories and was very helpful when questions were asked.’ – Apply First Aid – 04/08/12.

‘ Friendly environment with a down to earth approach. Very informative without becoming boring.’ – Scott Hall – Apply First Aid – 04/08/12.

‘ Ian is very informative and has a casual approach which is great. He gets the message across well.’ – Nikki Crooks – Perform CPR – 21/07/12

‘ Ian is very good and talks through the information very clearly and is easy to understand.’ – Penny Walsh – Perform CPR – 21/07/12.

‘ Friendly, clear instruction, simple, to the point and quick!’ – Matthew Kortt – Perform CPR – 21/07/12.

‘ Instructor was approachable and had clear instructions for both practical and theory.’ – Isabella Dobrijevich – Perform CPR – 21/07/12.

‘ Trainer made me feel comfortable about the assessments and not nervous.’ – Ali Cavill – Perform CPR – 21/07/12.

‘We were able to discuss scenarios that fitted the topic and the trainers information was up-to-date’. – Megan Miller – Apply First Aid – 02/06/12.

‘The trainer kept us involved, made it fun and interesting’. – James Cruickshank – Apply First Aid.

‘I was able to complete the pre-course information in my own time which made the course day a lot quicker. Ian was a great instructor.’ – Beth Hennessey – Apply First Aid – 02/06/12.

; The trainer was really easy going and the course was taught really well’. – Laura Humphrey – Apply First Aid – 02/06/12.

‘It was very hands on and there was good use of scenarios to make us think.’ – Liz Whittaker – Perform CPR – 02/05/12.

‘Relaxed, casual atmosphere – very informative’ – Julia Hargrave – Perform CPR – 02/05/12.

‘Great course! Well worth my time.’ – Andrew Gill – Resuscitation Mask/Apply First Aid – 02/05/12.

‘The trainer was easy to listen to and interact with, which enhanced my learning capabilities’. – Kyli Rai Glasgow – Apply First Aid – 02/05/12.

‘Very thorough in a fun, interacting learning environment’. – Tori Tonzing – Apply First Aid – 02/05/12.

‘Ian was very thorough and made the class extremely enjoyable’. – Nicki Cook – Apply First Aid – 02/05/12.

‘A very simple explanation reinforced with practical knowledge of what to do in the event of an emergency.’ – Peter and Daniel O’Malley – Apply First Aid – 21/04/12.

‘The online booklet was reinforced in the course, I understood everything. I liked the examples and acronyms = better to remember so many different things’. – Apply First Aid – Amy Whiting – 21/04/12

‘The online component reduced the face to face teaching. The materials were really well put together and easy to navigate.’ – Apply First Aid – 21/04/12

‘Studying online was done before getting to the course’. – Apply First Aid – 21/04/12

‘It was very enjoyable and I learnt a lot’. – Apply First Aid – Lauren Smallfield – 21/04/12.

‘We have used Ian before, always will. Highly recommend Simple Instruction.’ – Nicki Daley – Mona Vale Fitness First, Personal Trainer Coordinator – Perform CPR – 08/03/12.

‘Ian’s course was great, he equipped me with all the skills required to keep me safe in Australia and on my travels’. – Sophietje Schuurmans Stekhoven – Apply First Aid – 01/03/12.

“Very informative and interactive. Had a great laugh with all Ian’s stories’. – Amanda Keegan – Apply First Aid 25/02/12

‘ Friendly, easy to understand, great communication.’ – David Howarth – Apply First Aid – 25/02/12

‘ Presented very well, it was inclusive and practical’. – Nicky Matthews – Apply First Aid – 25/02/12.

‘ Quick, focused on the important things’ – Tanya Mere – Apply First Aid – 25/02/12.

‘Great training and very easy to comphrehend. Made to feel confident to go ahead and help someone in need until authorities can make it to the scene.’ – Sandy Cruise – Apply First Aid – 29/10/11.

‘A great introduction to First Aid. Well presented and instructed. A must for all responsible community members.’ Robbie – Apply First Aid – 29/10/11.

‘Well presented, casual, so easy to take information in.’ – Mark Kleen – Apply First Aid – 29/10/11

‘I would recommend Simple Instruction to anyone wanting to do a First Aid or Perform CPR course.’ – Ruci Nawalu – Apply First Aid – 29/10/11

‘Excellent course, great instruction, highly recommended!’ Brad Shaich – Apply First Aid – 29/10/11.

‘Very clear, great trainer.’ Matthew Richards – Apply First Aid – 29/10/11.

‘Great course! Instructor put me at ease and friendly, non threatening atmosphere.’ – Hazel Atkinson – Apply First Aid – 29/10/11.

‘Great Instructor, relatable scenarios, comprehensive instructions.’ – Phoebe Kavanagh – Apply First Aid – 29/10/11.

‘I really enjoyed using the website, it allowed me to do my first aid course in one day.’ – Joanna Dorrington – Apply first Aid – 17/09/11

‘I really enjoyed the course, thanks Ian.’ – Dianne Morrison – Apply First Aid – 17/09/11.

‘ This course was enjoyable and well paced. It was great that it was held on a Saturday and the online component made the class very easy to follow and get through.’ Megan Carroll – Apply First Aid – 17/09/11.

‘All basic and important areas covered in a short period of time.’ – Elise Kovacs – Perform CPR -17/09/11.

‘ Uncomplicated, Clear Instruction, Friendly.’ – Emy Tesoriero – Perform CPR – 17/09/11.

‘Quick, engagaing, relevant, practical, nice one! – Perform CPR – 17/09/11.

‘ Ian is a great teacher. Instructions were easy to understand and very approachable if I needed to ask questions.’ – Natalie White – Apply First Aid – 27/08/11.

‘I had done First Aid before, but I highly recommend Simple Instruction. The course was clear, interesting and complete.’ – Fernanda R. Vieira – Apply First Aid – 27/08/11.

‘ The trainer was approachable and encouraged questions and discussion’. – Monique McNeill – Perform CPR – 27/08/11.

‘ Easy booking procedure, guaranteed conduction of the course even if there is very limited numbers enrolled. Friendly and professional instructor.’ – Anonymous – Perform CPR – 27/08/11.

‘ Ian is very professional and helpful + full of stories’. – Anonymous – Apply First Aid – 06/08/11.

‘Great training! Clear, simple, covers all bases. Most enjoyable CPR refresher i’ve done. Highly recommended’. – Matthew Kortt – Perform CPR – 06/08/11.

‘ I recommend Simple Instruction to anyone needing First Aid training, by far the best First Aid course I have ever done’. – Matt Battaglia – Apply First Aid – 06/08/11.

‘ Well structured, easy to understand. Would certainly recommend it to anyone wanting or needing to complete a CPR course’. – Shelley Duncan – Perform CPR – 06/08/11.

‘ Good class size, clear, fun’. – Apply First Aid – Anonymous – 06/08/11.

‘ Great! Easy, fun, packed full of information’. – Sharon Franklin – Apply First Aid – 06/08/11.

‘Recommend for whole school – emergency care requirement’. – Jennifer Florey – Apply First Aid – 28/07/11.

 ‘Will be recommended for all staff at Balgowlah Boys High. Simple, Self-paced format, excellent practical sessions’. – Peter Sims – Apply First Aid – 28/07/11.

‘ Ian’s First Aid and CPR is practical, informative and Simple to follow. He uses real life experiences and is informed on current technique and scenarios. Fantastic! I would highly recommend the use of Simple Instruction to everyone.’ – Bradley Shane McCallum – Apply First Aid – 16/07/11.

‘ Although I have done First Aid and CPR courses before, this course I still learnt more and it was great’. – Erin O’Connell – Perform CPR – 16/07/11.

‘ I have completed two Perform CPR courses with Simple Instruction. Both times the course has been professionally run by a friendly instructor, who was informative and efficient. I would highly recommend the use of Simple Instruction.’ – Rachael Johnson – Perform CPR – 16/07/11.

‘ You can prepare on the internet, which I liked as it made things clearer than reading books and questions for each section popped up. It was fun and fair’. – Franziska – Apply First Aid – 16/07/11.

‘ Ian delivered the course in a manner that was both informative and interactive. This was both enjoyable and convienient.’ – Shae Haylen – Apply First Aid – 15/07/11.

‘ I would definitely recommend a Simple Instruction course. Ian made the material both fun and interesting.’ – Luke Haylen – Apply First Aid – 15/07/11.

‘ Well presented and materials were easy to follow’. – Claire Copland – Apply First Aid – 15/07/11.

‘ The course was well delivered and in a timely manner’. – Fran Henshaw – Frenchs Forest Physiotherapy – Apply First Aid – 13/07/11

‘ If you have to get certification for First Aid or CPR, Simple Instruction is the way to go’. – Anonymous – Rodborough Road Childrens Centre – Apply First Aid – 10/07/11. 

‘ The course was easy to follow and informative’. – Claudia – Apply First Aid – Rodborough Road Childrens Centre – 10/07/11.

‘I liked the way we can complete the online workbook in our own time. This is a very easy way to complete the course and was highly informative’. – Radhika Nehru – Apply First Aid – Rodborough Road Children’s Centre – 10/07/11.

‘Friendly instructor, fun environment, easy to learn’. – Anonymous – Perform CPR – Definition Sea Eagles Health Club – 09/07/11. 

‘ Very understandable and easy to learn’. – Anonymous – Perform CPR – Definition Sea Eagles Health Club – 09/07/11.

‘The course was run with a great understanding to the participants. The assessment was realistic and the course maintained my interest the whole day.’ – Anna Konkol – Apply First Aid – 06/07/11.

‘Pleasant and concise instructor with good course coverage. The course quick, efficient and not intimidating’. – Marcus Tolley – Apply First Aid – Specialist Fitness – 06/07/11.

‘Very good instruction – enthusiastic and clear.’ – Al Wilson- Perform CPR – Dee Why Fitness First – 23/06/11.

‘Informative, thorough, clear and concise. Highly Recommended.’ – Kate Georgas – Perform CPR – Dee Why Fitness First – 23/06/11.

‘Perfect. Very well presented.’ – Perform CPR – Averil Maher – Dee Why Fitness First – 23/06/11.

‘Ian is a bright, fantastic and engaging instructor, who uses real life scenarios from his personal and others experiences to strengthen his training, and facilitate learning. Keep up the good work!’ – Shereen Peeroo – Apply First Aid – 18/06/11.

‘I would recommend doing a Simple Instruction course to anyone. It was really enjoyable, informative, professional and above all fun.’ – Rachael Lewis – Apply First Aid – 18/06/11.

‘Ian was an excellent instructor, illustrating theories with examples and scenarios. The course was very informative and has given me confidence to use these skills in a real world emergency situation.’ – Robert Finney – Apply First Aid- 18/06/11.

‘Great course – enjoyable and informative.’ – Diana Fay – Apply First Aid – 18/06/11.

‘I really enjoyed the course. It was a fun and easy environment where I felt I could ask questions and get a reliable answer. – Sarah Madison Rigby – Perform CPR – 18/06/11.

‘Ian kept us interested and involved.’ – Jenny Pybus – Apply First Aid – Brookvale Explore and Develop – 18/06/11.

‘Great course, good clear communication, learnt what I needed to know in the perfect amount of time.’ – Matt Blanch – Perform CPR – 18/06/11.

‘ Great course +covienient to busy work life.’ – Matt Castor – Perform CPR – Mona Vale Fitness First – 16/06/11

‘Ian conducts an exceptionally good First Aid Course. As a teacher organising a class of 24 students it is important that the course is relevant, well organised and hands on.  I would recommend Ian to other schools. Thanks for your professionalism and enthralling course’. Ryan Davis-Philp – Apply First Aid – Dickson College Canberra – 14/06/11.

‘Clear, concise, fun and easy to learn. Would highly recommend Ian as a trainer. We covered all topics and it was never boring’. – Asha Ardill – Freehand TV – 09/06/11.

‘Clear and the Instruction was Simple to follow’. – Euan Tovey – Woolcock Medical Institute – 09/06/11.

‘Ian was knowledgeable, personable and made us feel at ease’. – Tessa Bird – Woolcock Medical Institute – 09/06/11.

‘Excellent training course’. – Kitty NG – Woolcock Medical Institute – 09/06/11.

‘Simple Instruction delivered a clear and easy to understand program that made me feel prpared and confident to administer first aid. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in completing a first aid course’. – Loire Grunstein – Woolcock Medical Institute – 09/06/11.

‘The course was a good introduction and left me feeling confident to Apply 1st Aid if necessary’. David Andrews – Woolcock Medical Institute – 09/06/11.

‘ Great course with great introduction, good scenarios and anecdotal experiences of where first aid is required’. – Anonymous – 09/06/11.

‘ The most pleasant way I have done this course’ – Catherine – Mona Vale Fitness First – 07/06/11.

‘Ian was relaxed yet precise with everything I needed to know. A great way to learn’. – Helen – Mona Vale Fitness First – 07/06/11

‘Ian was a great instructor working with the needs of the group. A good variety of practical and theory’. – Romanye – Narrabeen Sports High School – 26/05/11.

‘ Ian was very flexible and well prepared. I appreciated his willingness to discuss topics rationally and explain how the course and materials have evolved.’ -23/05/11 – Michael.

‘ A beneficial experience! Ian was patient, knowledgeable and easy going. Great class for those looking for a refresher or training course for the first time.  A good investment of my time to save someone else or myself – how many activities can you say that about?’ – Mimi – 23/05/11.

‘ I felt I needed to update my First Aid having completed most of my education in a hospital environment. Lots has changed over the years – Simple practice and common sense are more the approach today. I think Simple Instruction explains everything in common sense terminology that is backed up with really good examples and explanations. There was enough practical repetition and lots of encouragement.’ – 21/05/11 – Jan McDonald.

‘Great course and very helpful.’ – 21/05/11 – Jake Lynch.

‘ I have been to First Aid courses in the past and was not keen for another one. I found that Simple Instruction’s First Aid course the most informative, interesting and I have learnt alot of new things. I found the instructors stories and experiences very interesting making the course quite enjoyable. I believe i’m walking away with the knowledge to be able to help someone if and when it may be needed.’ – Cindy-Anne Morgan – 21/05/11.

‘ Simple! Great mix of theory and practical learning. Flexible theory learning with online workbook was great! Highly recommended.’ – 21/05/11 – Will Woodhouse.

‘ The First Aid course was to the point, enjoyable and easy to follow and understand.’ – Susan Callagher – 14/05/11 – Belrose Kindergarten.

‘ I enjoyed the First Aid Course with Ian Wood. He made it fun, comfortable and maintained my interest.’ – Katherine Scott – 14/05/11 – Belrose Kindergarten.

The course was very informative and well conducted’ – Joanne Wilmot – 14/05/11 – Belrose Kindergarten.

‘ Excellent training, I have many First Aid courses and this was very good’ – Jane Holmes – 14/05/11 Belrose Kindergarten. 

‘The training was relevant and informative. Ian fit a lot of information into our time together and kept it interesting. I would highly recommend this training to others.’ – Heidi Wenden – North Curl Curl Physiotherapy –  Perform CPR.

‘Fantastic, practical and time efficient course.’ – Ian Gard – North Curl Curl Physiotherapy – Perform CPR.

‘Thanks Ian, great training and great atmosphere! Day went by very fast and I highly recommend Ian’s class.’ – Anne-Gaelle Taugain – Apply First Aid – 30/04/11

‘It’s a fantastic feeling to obtain certain skills which may save others lives. It was a good experience with Ian and other classmates. Thanks a lot.’ – Suqin Zhang – Perform CPR – 30/04/11.

‘Simple Instruction’s course was professionally conducted, ran to time and Ian was a great presenter with up to date knowledge and equipment.’ – Sonya Lovell – Perform CPR – 30/04/11.

‘Informative, relaxed teaching style, well paced, easy going manner.’ Robert Chandler – Apply First Aid – 30/04/11.

‘Course was great – full of useful info and presented well.’ – Mike Nolan – Apply First Aid – 30/04/11.

‘Ian was extremely efficient in responding to my initial enquiry. His presentation skills and teaching instruction were brilliant.’ – Todd Stembridge – Apply First Aid – 30/04/11.

‘ The course was great. Really informative and made the course interesting and fun. The day went by really quickly. Ian is a really good trainer. I can recommend this course highly.’ – Clare Mills – Apply First Aid – 30/04/11.

‘As a parent I wanted to get some basic understanding of what to do in an emergency situation. The course was presented in a very clear and straight forward manner. Ian was very enthusiastic and was an excellent trainer.’ – Richard Mills – Apply First Aid – 30/04/11.

“Very straight forward teaching and made fun” – Lauren Morris 02/04/11

“I would highly recommend Simple Instruction to anyone on the Northern Beaches because: 1) The instructor – Ian Wood is a great instructor. 2) It’s local and so is the instructor. 3) It’s at the Brookvale Hotel – so easy parking and you can have a nice cold drink when you have finished. Keep it local.” – Michelle 02/04/11

“I would recommend Simple Instruction. The course was thorough, local, convienient and Ian was knowledgable, approachable and held our interest.” – Anonymous 02/04/11

“I found the CPR course I did with Simple Instruction and Ian Wood was perfect for my needs and requirements. He had a clear understanding and approachable manner. I will definately consider doing my First Aid course with Simple Instruction next year.” Julia Hargrave 02/04/11

“I found the Simple Instruction Perfrom CPR course by ian Wood very informative and positive. He reinforced the fact that any First Aid (in this case CPR) performed on a ‘person in need’ can be very valuable in saving a life. Initial CPR can be that vital link for a victim before profesional help arrives.” – Liz Whittaker 02/04/11

 “This course was easy and simple but at the same time fun. The instructor was very good and helped me a lot. I would recommend First Aid training with Simple Instruction to anyone.” –  James  (Narrabeen Sports High School) 02/04/11

 “The course was great. He taught me so much and is such a good guy. I would recommend the course to everyone and you could save a life.” – Brandon (Narrabeen Sports High School) 🙂 02/04/11

“CPR was up to date, easy to follow and we had good practice facilities for procedures, including defibrillation.” – Pat 04/02/11

“Ian was a great instructor. Very easy to follow, great explanations and instruction. I will definately do a course with him in the future.” – Joy McDaniel 24/03/11

“Efficient and easy to understand.” – Lauren Jefferies 24/03/11

“Course was awesome! Concise and sufficient. Thanks Ian, it was great. ” 🙂 – Nicki Daley 24/03/11

“Ian is awesome.” – Nicole Spradbrow 24/03/11

“Ian was practicularly helpful in explaining and clarifying issues raised. Presented in a down to earth and empathetic manner. I enjoyed the experience more than I expected.” – Marie Gibson 12/03/11

“This course flowed smoothly. It was interesting, lively, fun and, most importantly informative. It gave me sufficient opportunity for practicing my skills and enough theory to provoke discussion.” – Jon M Nelson 12/03/11

“Ian put me at ease straight away. My First Aid training was relaxed and enjoyable. I would recommend First Aid training with Ian as a very positive and productive experience.” – Ann-Maree Timmings 12/03/11

“Clear, concise, excellent delivery!” – Cherie 12/03/11

“From the time I booked my course to receiving my certificate Simple Instruction have been professional and helpful. The trainer made the course easy to understand and fun. The Brookvale Hotel was a great venue and lunch was very tasty. I would happily do another course with Simple Instruction.” – Jo Randell – McDonald 12/03/11


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